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Birthdate:Oct 5, 1989
Born in the early 1800s, James grew up in a less than loving house hold. His mother was kind but fearful and naive to his father's harsh temper and leather strap. His father gambled and drank the salary away, before blaming his wife and son, and punishing them for it. Because of this, James did not attend school. His mother would try and teach him how to read but her own education was lacking.
Years passed, and on his fifteenth birthday, he met a mysterious man that had befriended his father. The man took James under his wing and offered an escape for the boy. Under him, the man taught James how to read and write, maths, science and so on. To James, this man was a real father and he spent more and more time away from his home.

With James gone for so long at a time, his mother was left to the brunt of his father's rage. On the night of his 25th birthday, during his celebrations, his mother took a fatal leap from a bridge, unable to cope with her husbands cruelty anymore. When news reached James, he flew into a devestating grief, blaming himself for what had happened and threatened to end his own life. His mentor, comforted and calmed him, offering him an alternative. With a little persuasion, his mentor offered him a chance to exact revenge on his father. All he had to do was accept a gift.
James agreed, and within moments, his mentor had his teeth sunk into his throat. He was horrified and tried to fight him off. Minutes passed and he stopped fighting. His whole body felt as though it was on fire, burning from the inside, and he fell unconscious as the pain became too much.

When he awoke, everything felt different. His mentor was sitting there, awaiting patiently, James' father bound by the wrists, kneeling at his feet. His gift had been vampirism, something he had only read about in fairy tales and myths. His gift and first kill was to be his father. He had no hesitation as he attacked his father, ripping into his flesh as he screamed and drinking him dry. When he was finished, he tossed the body to the side like unwanted scraps.

Pleased, his mentor treated him as second in command and for almost a century, they built up a coven. Killing and feeding as they grew in numbers. Soon enough, this lifestyle caught the attention of a group of men known as vampire hunters. During an ambush, James was wounded and he was left behind to be captured. Betrayed and weakened, he still managed to escape, turning his back on what he thought was his family.

Since then, he has spent the next century, living alone and off the radar, to stay hidden from his maker.
(Mun and Muse over 21. I do not own Shiloh Fernandez, he belongs to himself. The character is my own creation and is for rp purposes only.)
Could be good(or not).
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